About SB CEK

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IEEE Student Branch College of Engineering Karunagappally (STB 03951) is one of the oldest IEEE student branch in Kerala section, 4th branch in Travancore hub after CET TKMCE & CE Adoor. And It is the second IEEE Student Branch in Kollam (Quilon) district. IEEE student Branch at CEK (College of Engineering Karunagappally) came into functioning on 11th  September  2000 in the early stage of the institution to carry out engineers into the competitive field of technology. The IEEE Student Branch at “College of Engineering Karunagappally” lead the engineers into their way of success, so the IEEE SB CEK have grown in strength through the years. The students of CEK get a good platform for collaboration with the students of most popular institutions in India  like NIT’s, IIT’s, IISER etc…Student members of CEK take active participation in the IEEE meetings and workshops , earning many prizes and awards. Students are encouraged to bring out their capability and ideas through IEEE Student Branch. IEEE is an open Platform for the students of CEK to bring their ideas and concepts into reality. The IEEE Student Branch is a good guideline for all Students of College of Engineering Karunagappally for their projects and seminars. In 2010 IEEE SB CEK  started WIE (Women in Engineering) affinity group. It is also one of the oldest WIE affinity group in Kerala section. “WIE CEK”  works for the developments in engineering and bringing more  women into the   engineering field and developing their abilities in technology.


The history of IEEE SB CEK starts from the year 2000 ,after a year of establishment of college. At the early stage there were only a few number of  engineering colleges in Kerala , So it is very difficult to know about the procedure of formation of IEEE Student Branch and their function also the college at its childhood. At that time There is only two Engineering colleges at Kollam( including CEK) district. The students and staffs of CEK came to know that there is one IEEE  Student branch at Kollam functioning very actively and one of the best SB in Kerala section IEEE SB TKMCE (STB 28391). So CEK got guidelines from TKM College of Engineering about the formation of IEEE Student Branch. And they are provided membership development kit , give so many guidelines for the maintains of Student Branch . So the Second IEEE Student Branch in Kollam starts in College of Engineering Karunagappally Campus with the help of TKM engineering college . At the early stage of the most IHRD ( Under Govt. of Kerala) engineering Colleges seeks guidelines from other colleges . College of Engineering Karunagappally gives guidelines for “College of Engineering Kottarakkara” ( college established in 2004) for the formation of IEEE SB at  CE kottarakkara(IEEE SB CEKRA- STB 05351).

Programmes under SB CEK

There is a lot of Workshops and programmes conducted by IEEE SB CEK . The name of the Programmes vary year by year . But there is a full year programme named TEXIUM  an interactive programmes with the students of CEK through Facebook page and E-mail. All the year we will conduct a programming development class for the students who were opted biology   in higher secondary education, Android workshop, Robotics Classes etc…

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